Slapshock is a metal rock band from Manila, Philippines with members Lee Nadela, Lean Ansing, Chi Evora Jamir Garcia and Jerry Basco. This rock band is constantly being compared by the band “Korn”. They have their current album “KinseKalibre” stil

Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?

Slapshock Rock band: Surviving the backlash

Slapshock was formed by these UP Diliman students and their original vocalist is ReynoldMunsayac, he left the band and replaced by Jerry Basco and Jamir Garcia which of until now is a member of the rock band. This rock band is heavy influenced by the American Rock bands especially Korn. They started playing at bars around UP and soon discovered by EMI Philippines (now Polyeast Records) ? a record label in the country. After having their contract with the Polyeast records they had released their debut album “4th degree burn”. They had released more albums and now counting up to seven albums made within 15 years in the music industry. Despite all those backlash of not in the trend today, this rock band is still alive and kicking and continue doing their rock music. They are in the genre of metal rock, hard rock, metalcore , metal rap and etc. The most loved single of their albums is the “Carino Brutal”. It has unleashed the heavy metal core within the rock band. It has been the testament for continual growth of the music of Slapshock. They had received many reviews about it and mostly are of positive reviews.
Slapshock music carried them to a much higher ground. They are now venturing into international scene because of the greatness of their music. The rock band will be in the U.S. for a while as they finish their songs for international release. They had created audience in U.S. after collaborating with the black-eyed peas member Apl De Ap. They stayed at Burbank, California to work with the songs they released in international scene. This has been a new achievement for their career and planning to make a new sound for the Slapshock and making it more appealing to the international audience. The songs they write are in English but have a sense of Filipino theme and background as well. This achievement of them is an inspiration for other rock bands to continue aspiring for more.
Slapshock is one of my most loved rock bands here in the Philippines because of them having the right rock attitude with a sense of nationalism. It is very inspiring that they are helped out by Apl De Ap to be in the international scene. Through this, the music industry will grow and continue to spread its music worldwide. Their songs are actually with a lot of screams but it’s good, after all, it’ is a rock band. Some bashers are saying they are not in the trend. I think music does not go out of trend in the hearts of a true musician.
Slapchock is celebrating its 15th year in the music industry with seven albums made. They proved that they should be regarded as one of the best rock bands here in the Philippines. It is with their advent in the international music. They are continuing to spread the rock music and passion and making pride in our country. Slapshock is still keeping their feet on the ground. After all the awards they received, they still managed to be humle and do not put fame into their heads.

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