Ever since the rock music came in the Philippines, bands adapted the music and so different rock bands are formed. There are many mixes of genres of rock music today. There is alternative rock, pop rock, punk rock, heavy metal and etc. these has been the

Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?

All-time favorite Rock bands in Philippines

Pinoy rock is what they call to the Rock music her in the Philippines. It has spread and become diversified all over the country and bands adapt it and make their own style. Because of some mixes with the rock music, it is hard to identify which is which a true pinoy rock is. The only unique here is with the culture of Filipinos mixed with the rock music. Good thing is Pinoy rock bands are maintaining its culture by performing it mostly on Filipino language. Rock bands in the Philippines are naturally nationalistic and socio-political in nature.
Rock bands have been really popular in 1990’s when Eraserheads come in. It has become one of the most influential bands and used to be the father of all rock bands. This rock band is really popular and it fast become as one of the significant contributors to the OPM. The rock band is formed by Ely Buendia, Raymond Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro. The band released many singles, albums that almost every song they make becomes number one on hit charts. The rock band received many awards and recognitions from different music award giving bodies. The Eraserheads disbanded on 2007 but their music is still in the hearts of Filipinos. Other rock band is Parokyani Edgar which is still in the mainstream. It is formed by college students namely Chito Miranda, Buwi menses,Darius Semana, Gab Chee Kee and Dindin Moreno. They are known for their novelty rock songs and different genres in every song they sing. Kamikazee is also still in the mainstream and continue striving for awards. It led by Jay Contreras. Slapshock is a metal rock band of which being compared to the band Korn. It is led by Lee Nadela.Wolfgang is indeed the only Filipino rock band which had releasedsome of their albums in U.S. and Japan. It disbanded on 2002 but reformed agin on 2007.
Different rock bands are what I had been with when I am growing up. I like these bands as it just not sing their music but you can really feel the passion that they love what they are doing. They are influential to teens and they can be a good endorser.
Rock bands have been emerging in Philippines and continue having good heritage on culture. In sense of uniqueness and identity, we are on it when it comes to pinoy rock music and that is because of our rock bands which continues to give pride.

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