Kiss is an American rock band of which is known internationally by its spectacular live performances in their concerts. Aside from that, they have these unnatural characters of which their faces are painted with black and white and have flamboyant attires

Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?

Kiss: Rock band through the years

Kiss started on Wicked Lester?a rock band based in New York led by the two founders which is Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. The two felt a new sense of music direction and left the rock band to create their own group. They created the rock band Kiss of which gained many speculations on its rock band name. Some regard it as “Knights in Satan Service”, “Kid’s in Satan Service” and “Kinder SSS” but Simmons denied all of those said abbreviations.
The rock band did their first performances with no make-up and then suddenly wore make up on the performance at The Daisy. Kiss self-titled album gained may controversial issues which made Simmons had his first television appearance regarding on the satanic issues. With those issues the album did not sell much but the rock band is being known with their live acts which made them popular. Kiss rock band concerts is filled with excitement and enthusiasm to those who watched their live performances. Simmons spitting blood, smoking guitars, breathing fire, elevating drum rise, guitar smashing and pyrotechnics at the end completes the show. This acts led them to popularity around the globe.
Personally speaking, those issues with the abbreviation of kiss should not be of importance. I mean those rock bands are just expressing themselves not just with the music they share but also on different aspects like fashion, likes and etc. individualities should be highlighted that everyone is not the same as what you do. Respect to each other is still needed to be given. They just show their creativity and love for the rock music. I‘ll say it’s their passion and we should not judge them.
Kiss is nominated in the rock and roll fame and still visible in the mainstream. They even appeared at American Idol together with performance by Adam Lambert. They also have world tours. Kiss began recording new album and planned to have concert using analog. As Simmons said that technology is a seductive bitch, it just gives you the ease of doing things not with the analog that is hard at first but fulfilling. They also appear on football leagues and did musical rock band performance there.

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