Rock bands havetypically male leads on vocals because when it comes to rock music they must have powerful voice especially on concerts. It is amusing before to see a female lead in a rock band and people will automatically give attention to that rock band

Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?

Amy Lee--female vocalist on a rock band

Evanescence is an American-rock band of which has a female lead Amy Lynne Lee. She is a pianist, songwriter then and formed the band in 1994 with a songwriter and lead guitarist Ben Moody. They work together and both receive credit on the songs they did. Some of the songs by Lee and Moody specifically two songs are played on radio stations which made them increase awareness and had a concert.
Amy lee knew that the My Immortal single in their album Fallen will become a hit. And it happened after her given acting and vocal lessons their first album is released. It has received many platinum awards from various award giving bodies. Moody left the band because of said creative differences with Lee. Lee said that she wanted to the adventurous things on music and invent some new music but Moody didn’t agreed with her as Lee said that Pop songs is what Moody wants from a Rock band. Despite that Evanescence continue to prosper on succeeding years.
Lee had also joined some musical projects and plays on Walt Disney. She was also reign as the Rock Goddess and Hottest woman in music on 2012 Loudwire Music Awards. Lee has recognizably individual sense of style that is why she is nominated for those awards. Aside from having a rock chic image he has this classic beauty that everyone is amazed of especially when singing rock song. Being a female lead in a rock band is a plus as it creates sex appeal more to the rock band audience.
Amy is a good singer and I admire her for that especially she is a female lead in a rock band. She contributed a lot to the rock music industry and continues to inspire people that have love for rock music. Even she is married now she didn’t left her first love which is rock band.
Evanescence is a rock band with true essence of rock music. Lee writes from her heart and doesn’t think that she is a female lead on a rock band. She thinks of it as an edge to others. Her rock band gave her the fame, true character and passion for what she is doing. Evanescence receives much applause from different parts of the world.

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