Linkin Park, as one of the best rock band ever.

Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?
Are Rock Bands Decreasing their Popularity?

Rock Band (Linkin Park)

They’ve brought to the world all genres. The craziest and the exotic rock band ever evolved, it’s called Linkin Park. New Divide, What I’ve Done, Crawling, In the End, Numb, Faint, Breaking the Habit and so many more hit songs, they are simply the best rock band ever. The only rock band that combined rock and rap together and made amazing songs
The combination of Chester and Mike Shinoda is just like insane. They’re awesome. For me, no one can match Chester’s voice when it comes to screaming and yet I find it so cool. They’ve produced hit songs that no one can ever forget. I would say that out of all other rock bands, Linkin Park has the way of completely changing their type of music but still comes out with a unique sound that people still enjoys. Linkin Park has changed music. From there heavy metal to their balanced hip-hop influence, all while creating and making a new emphasis on alternative music. But it’s not as basic as that. They range from soft, to rough and ragged with heavy electronic synch all the way to gut-wrenching and memorable guitar riffs. I'm never disappointed with the music they put out. They can change music in a time period of 10 years and then fuse all the influences they have learned into an even newer, fresh sound, progressing from what any basic band has done before. Yes, many great bands like the beatles and Metallica and led Zepplin are awesome milestones, but they lack unique variability. Linkin Park changed, No, they started a new evolving genre. Nu-metal is the greatest creation in all of music. It has passion and direct truth. LP has the guts to change their styles, knowing it could polarize many, yet they follow their hearts.
Even though Linkin Park is not in Top 1 list of best rock bands, for me they are the best among the rest. Every hit song from them is perfect for me. To be frank, I am not used to listen in rock music but when the first time I heard their hits, I get addicted to them and become one of their fans. The lyrics are well-written and their live performances were totally terrific. Linkin Park is the best rock band ever!

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